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My name is Dawn, I’m 28 years old 5 feet 6 inches tall with shoulder length blonde hair and 36D tits. I love my tits and I love sex, just recently I have been using some British escorts and would love to share with you some of the hot fun nights I have had with some very sexy girls. I live in London and often use escorts from agencies near me but I also like to travel to places like Essex because they have some really hot girls and it also makes a nice change to fuck different girls. I’m not a lesbian, well I like to have sex with girls but I also like a hard cock inside me and I love to suck a cock after I have cum over it and taste my own juices.

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A few weeks back I met an Asian girl called Elva, she 25 years old and is drop dead gorgeous with an amazing body, I met her at a London bar and we had a few drinks before heading off to a local hotel, it was only one of those budget hotels but it had a room with a bed and that’s all we needed. Elva was wearing a tight black dress that accentuated her curves and there was no VPL because she wasn’t wearing any knickers, in fact she was totally naked under the dress apart from some very sexy hold-ups with lace around the top. Elva moved towards me and kissed me gently on the lips and as she did she lifted my top up over my head then expertly undid my bra. I pulled the zip down on her dress and it fell to the floor, Elva stepped out of the dress and was standing there with her heels and hold-ups and nothing else. She began fondling my tits and I could feel my pussy tingling, I put my had round and stroked her perfect arse and could feel her smooth pussy between her legs. Elva slowly walked backwards until her legs touched the bed she then pulled away from me and lay on the bed. I removed my skirt and knickers and joined her on the bed.

Elva’s tits looked so hot so I began kissing them, first her left tit then her right, they were so firm and tasted sweet. As I kissed and sucked on her nipples I ran a hand down her belly and continued until I felt her smooth pussy mound. I stroked her pussy gently and then parted her lips to get at her swollen clit. I rubbed her clit which made her let out a quiet sigh, I let my finger slide into her crack and she was so wet I inserted my finger and gently finger fucked her. I did this for a while then pulled my finger from her and sucked the juices off my finger like I was sucking a cock. Her pussy juice tasted so good I just knew I had to get my tongue in there. I kissed her chest then slowly worked my way down to her pussy, my juices were now flowing and I was soaking wet at the thought of sucking on her sexy and hot wet pussy. I began kissing her outer lips but soon had them parted revealing her pink wet hole, my tongue flicked at her engorged clit sending shivers down her spine. I worked on her clit for a few minutes then inserted two fingers into her making her moan out loud. I soon found her G-spot and massaged it gently whilst still flicking her clit with my tongue. Her pussy flooded with her juices as my fingers worked harder and faster and my tongue lapped at her soaking wet pussy. Her body contorted and her pussy gripped my fingers as her orgasm neared, I could feel she was near so I started fingering her pussy faster and faster as she writhed about on the bed gripping the sheets with both hands. Finally she lifted her arse off the bed and screamed out as her pussy exploded squirting me with her hot wet juices. I was swallowing her pussy juice as quick as I could but there was just too much so I had to let it run from my mouth. Elva’s pussy continued pumping and contracting for a bit then I felt her body go limp as she felt back onto the bed.

I love making girls cum like that and when Elva had recovered it was my time to orgasm, and I love to have my big tits played with so we spent a very enjoyable evening in that room.